2 Classes of Top Sportsman
Two Purses
Two Points Chases
Qualifying All Runs Together (Top 16 qualifiers will go into the Semi-Pro Elite 16 Class)

Driver MUST designate at 1st event he/she attends which class via Tech Card. either Elite 16 or Quick 32

Class 1: Semi-Pro Elite 16 Class
Class 2: PDRA Legal Top Sportsman Class (Quick 32) - If you qualify in the Elite 16 you can claim the maximum of 2 races towards your Quick 32 points.

No Radial Tires Allowed.

There must be at least a total of 24 cars to have an Elite 16 and a 8 Car Regular Race.
There must be at least a total of 29 cars to have an Elite 16 and a 16 Car Regular Race.
There must be at least a total of 42 cars to have an Elite 16 and a 32 Car Regular Race.
There must be at least a total of 64 cars to have an Elite 16 and a 48 Car Regular Race.

All T/S entries will qualify together, with the Elite 16 being pulled out of qualifying for the quickest 16 entries creating the Elite 16 class.

No Alternates in Elite 16.

DIAL IN... Must Dial-In within one-tenth of the bump spot for both Elite 16 Class & Regular TS Class

Class Sponsor Decals Required on both sides of the vehicle, front fender or hood scoop.

PDRA Logo required on both sides of the vehicle.

Alternates receive ONLY 25 entry points.

Top Sportsman will follow NHRA safety rules. We will accept NHRA or IHRA license and chassis certification.

If you do not have either certifications you can get a PDRA chassis certification at any PDRA event for $200.

The PDRA is not weighing cars in Top Sportsman.

If you do not have a NHRA or IHRA license you can apply for a PDRA license at the first race you attend.

Top Sportsman will run on a sportsman ladder.

Exhaust: All removable multi-piece exhaust collectors/stacks must be securely fastened with either an NHRA-accepted header tether, a minimum ˝” (half-inch) stitch weld located on each primary tube or be permanently attached to the vehicle body or frame with positive fasteners (i.e. exhaust hangers, support brackets, bolts/nuts, etc.) such that they require tools for removal.

Credentials: When an event is contest at an NHRA Member track only PDRA or NHRA competition licenses will be accepted.

Chassis: All vehicles must have a chassis that meets the guidelines set by SFI for their respective class before being allowed to compete.  Chassis certification must be performed by an PDRA, NHRA or IHRA certified chassis inspector and will be good for a period of two (2) years.  When an event is contested at an NHRA Member track only PDRA or NHRA chassis certification will be permitted.

FLOORS: Replacing stock floors with .024” steel or .032” aluminum allowed. Driver’s side floor pan must be .024” steel and must be welded in place extending from firewall to back of driver’s seat. Carbon fiber or aluminum may be utilized in the passengers portion of the flooring in the driver’s compartment.

Safety: Any cars running quicker than 4.29 driver must have SFI approved head and neck restraint. (Must have -15 Fire suit)
(If Supercharger -20 Fires suit)
Cars from 4.29 and slower naturally aspirated can run a -5 fire suit. (If NOS is applicable, must be a -15 fire suit)
Cars running 4.29 and slower must run a SFI approved neck collar and/or SFI approved neck restraint.

Please refer to the NHRA Rulebook or visit
www.nhraracer.com for "Safety Information"