2019 PDRA East Side Auto Transport Pro Outlaw 632 Class Rules

 1.   Any style chassis door car body and truck body accepted.

 2.  16 car field must have a minimum of 13 cars.

 3.  32 car field must have a minimum of 26 cars.

 4.  Pro – ladders will be used 1-16

 5.  Must have working taillights.

 6.  Must have engine containment device. (Diaper or bucket 4” minimum depth)

 7.  Front overhang limited to 45” unless stock OEM is longer.

 8.  Minimum ground clearance 3”

 9.  No blowers or turbos allowed.

10.  632 ci motor (up to 640 ci max)

11.  Stock bore spacing only. (4.840 Chevy 4.800 Mopar 4.900 Ford.)

12.   All bye runs must take tree under vehicle power.   Do not have to make run you can stage under
       power then back up.

13.  No back drilled jets allowed. (All Jets must be as / supplied, unmodified from the manufacturer and must be a concentric circle)

14.  NOS push systems prohibited

15.  36 maximum jet size allowed in 2600 lbs. class (one-system Only)

16.   2900 lbs.  multi system-no jet size limit

17.   2375 lbs.  natural aspirated

18.   Transmission – deduct 75 lbs. in 2900 or 2600 class only for 2-speed or 3-speed OEM type transmission.
(Example: PG or Turbo 2-speed or Turbo 3-speed)
(No Lock-up)

19.   Any size clutch                                                                          

20.   Progressors – legal in both 2600 and 2900 lbs. class

21.  Cold boxes legal in 2900 lbs. class only.

22.  SB NOS -2350 lbs.

23.  SB N/A no minimum.

24.  Signal carb in any weight class deduct 50 lbs. (Single-Carb must be a conventional 4500 series, located on intakes original location)

25.  All protest defined in PDRA general rules

26. One Nitrous Bottle Allowed Only, Any Size, Not to Exceed 15 lbs.

27. The use of water injection is prohibited.

28. Any method of cooling the nitrous bottle inside the vehicle is strictly prohibited.

29. Any Nitrous car with more than 3 forward gears add 50 lbs.


1. All general NHRA/PDRA/ safety rules apply.
a. 2010 or newer full faced helmet mandatory.
b. Head and neck restraint mandatory.
c. SFI 3.2a / 15 fire suit mandatory
d. Participants running nitrous must have gloves SFI 3.3/15.
e. Participants running without nitrous allowed SFI 3.3/5.
f. Shoes must be at least SFI 3.3/5.
2. 2500 lbs. or greater must have up –to - date chassis certification of at least 25.2.
3. 2700 lbs. must have up – to – date chassis certification of at least 25.1.
4. Pulling at least one parachute at the end of the run recommended.
5. Chassis certifications can be done by PDRA tech at the race.

Credentials: All Drivers must have a PDRA and/or NHRA competition license. Applications for PDRA license via this link....