CoolShirt Systems Pro Junior Dragster Gears Up for 2018 Season

PITTSBORO, N.C. (March 26, 2018): Since its inception, the PDRA had always been a big proponent of Junior Dragster racing. Raising the next generation of drag racers is not something the PDRA wants left up to chance, so kid racers have held a permanent place in PDRA racing. Many across motorsports hold this same passion for the next generation and CoolShirt Systems and Gilbert Motorsports have stepped up to sponsor Pro and Top Junior Dragster for the 2018 season.

For over 20 years CoolShirt Systems has been a leader in personal cooling systems. The technology that was developed to keep surgeons cool in the operating room has been translated into a range of industries.

“The founder of CoolShirt had been working as a medical salesman and built some cooling for OR surgeons,” explained Jeremy Ellis, CoolShirt Director of Motorsports. “He was a racer at the time and he knew how hot it was inside a race car, so he decided to take that technology and move it into motorsports.

“The company was established with a base in road racing. I’ve been drag racing since I was 12 years old. So when I was brought on in 2014, we started looking at how to expand our market into drag racing. We developed our Drag Pack System specifically for drag racing.”

Ellis recognized the need for CoolShirt in drag racing as a whole, but also knew the Junior population needs the technology more than most.

“Kids sweat glands are not fully developed, so they don’t sweat as much to keep their bodies cool like adults do. Kids are more susceptible to heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Once you have a heat stroke, your body never fully recovers. You’re always much more susceptible to it moving forward. So CoolShirt Systems are a preventative measure. But also, if you have had one, since your body never fully recovers, CoolShirt Systems can make up for what your body struggles to do well now.

“Our product covers the core of the body. Your heart and kidneys are the two main areas to keep cool in order to keep your body from adverse heat effects. The heart keeps blood pumping to the extremities and the brain. The kidneys affect bladder function and other things to help keep you alert. They work in tandem. As you get older, your basic organ functions slow down. That’s part of the reason heat can affect some people more as you age. This happens at different points for people, but usually at some point in their aging, people start to notice they don’t tolerate heat as well.

“Being able to sit in the car and stay cool will help your body react better, not only in safety, but also in performance.”

CoolShirts are already worn by PDRA racers such as Jim Sackuvich and Fredy Scriba.
“We’ve wanted to be a part of the PDRA for a long time,” added Ellis. “I’ve been a follower of it since it began. We’re excited to back the Pro Junior Dragster category this season. We want to bring some products and let everybody know the benefits of cooling.”

Watch CoolShirt Systems Pro Junior Dragster at the PDRA season opener, April 5-7 at GALOT Motorsports Park. Find tickets and event information at Can’t make it to the event? Watch online at

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