Flatout Gaskets Takes Nitrous Wars Into Third Straight Season

PITTSBORO, N.C. (February 12, 2018): It’s been one of the most popular racing programs to hit the stage in recent years, in no small part because of the incredible entertainment and competition it births. The Flatout Gaskets Nitrous Wars have been known by no other name as Flatout has retained unmatched support of the program since its inception. Flatout Gaskets now takes the Nitrous Wars into its third season.

The program, which gives a platform to Pro Nitrous engine builders and their drivers, both showcases these companies and gives way to friendly competition. Birthed out of unofficial smack talk, the Flatout Gaskets Nitrous Wars boasts a larger-than-life nitrous bottle that is continuously handed off to the latest Pro Nitrous Low Qualifier who adorns the bottle as he or she wishes. At season’s end the engine builder whose customers hold the most Low Qualifier Awards gets ultimate bragging rights. So far, Musi Racing Engines has dominated the program.

The 2018 season promises no slouch in competition and the bullseye on Musi and company is greater than ever. It’s a safe bet that fellow engine builders Charlie Buck, Sonny Leonard, Reher-Morrison and Billy Albert will be bringing their best to shake Musi’s throne.

“It’s been a good program,” shared Flatout Gasket’s Mark Adelizzi. “It started off well and has been driven well. We’re quite happy with it. We sell product to a lot of engine builders. The Nitrous Wars gives them a target to shoot for to bring that bottle home. It’s fun. Everybody gets to mark it up, just something a little extra that’s provided us, in turn, great visibility.

“Charlie Buck has a new engine coming out this year and it’s something to keep an eye on,” Adelizzi hinted. “We’ve done a lot of work trying to develop the head gasket and other gaskets for it. We’re excited that’s going to take off.”

In addition to backing the Nitrous Wars, Flatout Gaskets is a PDRA contingency sponsor and will have a presence at every PDRA event in 2018.

“We do a lot of different things alongside of gaskets. We make covers for all different ports on the engine and block off plates and so on. We do products outside of automotive, such as metal fabricated with our fiber optic laser, our water jet and our bending equipment. We’re a growing company. We’ve got a good staff and are going to add some more this year. It’s all going the right direction.

“We try to take it one step further than other gasket companies. We focus on the details of the gasket, the fit, the finish, the sealing ability. We spend a lot of time and effort trying to make things as perfect as they can be. We can react very quickly compared to some of the larger manufacturers. They really can’t be competitive because they can’t react fast enough like we can. We spend a lot of time on it, not just with PDRA but other sanctions as well.”

For more on Flatout Gaskets visit https://www.flatoutgroup.com

Aptly, the 2017 Pro Nitrous World Champion racked up the most Low Qualifier Awards for the season, so Tommy Franklin has held onto the coveted nitrous bottle throughout the off season. As the season opener at GALOT Motorsports Park, April 5-7, the slate will be wiped clean and all bragging rights will be up for grabs. Follow the drivers, engine builders, and PDRA on social media for behind the scenes looks at the nitrous rivalries.

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