Switzer Dynamics, MoTeC and JESEL continue Pro Nitrous sponsorships in 2018

PITTSBORO, N.C. (February 3, 2018): The strength of PDRA Pro Nitrous is indelibly connected to the long standing commitment of class sponsors. Since the PDRA’s inception, Switzer Dynamics has held title rights to the class, showing an incredible devotion to nitrous racers. Together with MoTeC Systems East, the class’ presenting sponsor, Switzer Dynamics has aided Pro Nitrous in becoming a favorite category among racers and fans alike.

“Switzer Dynamics is proud to announce it will be continuing its sponsorship of the Pro Nitrous class for the 2018 season,” stated Brandon Switzer. “Switzer Dynamics’ sponsorship of the Pro Nitrous class for the last four years, since the inception of the PDRA in 2014, shows an indisputable commitment to the future of nitrous drag racing. Becoming a leader in an industry requires a certain level of involvement, commitment, responsibility and dedication in order to ensure the progressive and healthy future of that industry. Our involvement in the PDRA and sponsorship of the Pro Nitrous class is a commitment we are proud to make and is our contribution in helping secure the future of nitrous drag racing and its community. Switzer Dynamics appreciates the faithful support of its customers and thanks the PDRA for its dedication to the sport of drag racing.”

With a progressive growth mindset, Switzer Dynamics continues to push forward with new products and services for their growing customer base.

“We are very excited about several new relationships that we have grown over the past year, as well as a host of new products that will be released in 2018,” Switzer added. “We are looking forward to the 2018 season as we continue to further our support, products and services to the racing industry.”

For more on Switzer Dynamics visit https://switzerdynamics.com

MoTeC Systems East became the Pro Nitrous presenting sponsor in 2016 and has been a faithful supporter of the class ever since. MoTeC Systems East, a division of MoTeC Engine Management and Data Acquisition Systems, is based in Mooresville, N.C. and works closely with nearby Switzer Dynamics. Their paired products offer Pro Nitrous as well as Pro Mod applications solid performance solutions. For 30 years MoTeC has provided ECU engine control solutions, data acquisition, display systems, and more for categories across motorsports. Find sensors, wiring supplies, fuel components, and all of MoTeC products at www.milspecwiring.com

Jesel Valvetrain Innovation will present the Pro Nitrous Low Qualifier Award again in 2018. Jesel products, all proudly made in the U.S.A. are sought-after across motorsports genres by both professional and sportsman racers. Over the last five years, Jesel has developed a new business model that highlights customer specific engineering. The Jesel Custom Shop is able to handle any unique engineering challenge and meet the growing diversity of the industry. For more on Jesel’s innovative new approach visit http://www.jesel.com

“The fact that the Pro Nitrous sponsorship group has been consistent for a number of years now is an honor to us at the PDRA,” stated Will Smith, PDRA Director of Marketing. “We work hard to build relationships that are beneficial to our sponsors, our racers and work toward the long term health of our sport. Thanks to the incredible support of Switzer Dynamics, MoTeC and Jesel, the Pro Nitrous category has gained strength year after year. In a time when change is constant and inevitable, it’s a true testament to these companies’ commitment to the racer that they have maintained sponsorship for a number of years, and in the case of Switzer Dynamics, since the inception of our organization.”

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