Pro Stock Racers Choose PDRA
Total Seal to Sponsor PS Low Qualifier Award

PITTSBORO, N.C. (February 20, 2017): The PDRA is proud to welcome Extreme Pro Stock to the full 2017 schedule. During the off season, a large majority of class racers agreed to pursue the PDRA this season, choosing to continue building upon the five promising appearances they had with the series in 2016. The class has traveled rocky ground for the better part of a decade, but many racers feel the class is headed in the right direction now. To show their commitment to the class, Total Seal Piston Rings has stepped up to sponsor the XPS Low Qualifier Award for 2017.

“Total Seal is proud to be named the Low Qualifier Award sponsor for Extreme Pro Stock,” stated Matt Hartford, Vice President of Total Seal. “Naturally aspirated mountain motor engines are a breed within themselves. We are excited to continue the advancement of ring seal and technological advancements of these big bore, large stroke engines.”

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Matt Giangrande of CV Products bought a Pro Stock operation last summer, with specific intentions of running the PDRA. He has recently become an official spokesperson for the class, rallying unity and direction for what was once one of the most prestigious classes in drag racing.

“I gathered opinions and ideas as to what would be best for the group,” Giangrande said of the XPS participants. “As you can imagine there were some very interesting ideas, but there was a majority that arose, and we came up with a ‘resolution for participation’. We felt that we needed to prove to ourselves and the PDRA that the class was viable. We have chosen PDRA as the place we want to run our cars in Pro Stock.

“PDRA is adamant that the racers don’t have to do anything but show up at the gate,” Giangrande continued. “We went above and beyond because we felt like, as a group, we needed to show commitment to each other and show commitment to the PDRA. Eleven of us have shown that by investing in ourselves and the series. The PDRA owners and staff are really trying to do the right thing by the racers, which makes it easy for me to try and help them.

“We’ve helped get more sponsors involved, like Matt from Total Seal. Jerry Haas is getting involved. Maxima Oil is back on board. RAM Clutches is getting involved this year. We here at CV Products are doing something with the PDRA for the first time as a sponsor. So we’re bringing some new blood.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome Extreme Pro Stock back to a full schedule,” expressed Bob Harris of the PDRA. “The class is rich in history and performance. Fans can relate to the modern day body styles. We feel confident that the class is headed in a positive direction and we couldn’t be happier it’s with us.”

“I think we have a chance, and it may be our last chance, to show the PDRA and the larger drag racing community that big inch mountain motor Pro Stock is not dead,” Giangrande added. The ownership we’ve put into this is going to make a difference. I can already see it. I’m happy to have had a part in getting this class going for the 2017 season. I think PDRA is going to have a breakout year and I think Pro Stock is right there with them.”

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