Longtime MDIR Announcer Joins PDRA Team

PITTSBORO, N.C. (August 30, 2015): Fifteen years ago local Maryland racer, Chris Matters, had a hunch he would make a great drag race announcer. So when Maryland International Raceway put out the call for a new announcer, he put his name in the hat and was hired on the spot. Matters has been a regular MDIR announcer ever since. Now he has been named the newest member of the Professional Drag Racers Association announcing team. Matters will join Carl Robinson as a tower announcer, while Derrick Beach will remain the roving pit reporter for PDRA TV.

From his first night on the mic at MDIR, it was clear Matters’ hunch was right. He was a natural. He created a niche for himself in the small tire doorslammer world, where he also competes. In between deployments with the Navy, where he’s been an active serviceman for the last 13 years, Matters has also announced for the Pritchett Brothers’ 1320X Shows and their Ultimate Outlaws Shootout, Holcomb Ford’s Civil Wars, events put on by Donald Long, the NMRA, NMCA, and LSX Challenges, as well as the Yellow Bullet Nationals.

“I had a degree in Communications and had a radio show in college, so I knew I would be comfortable behind the microphone,” Matters said of his initial venture into announcing. “My father was a mechanic and I had been around cars my whole life. I knew I could talk about them, growing up with a love of muscle cars. I learned a lot about traveling around the country and working with a series from the Pritchett Brothers. I had deployments in ‘06, ‘07, ‘09, '13 and 2014. To those guys credit, they told me when I got back I was their guy. So every time I got back from deployment, and they had races, I would go with them. From there it just kept growing, the more I announced, the more people asked me to come to their tracks or events.”

Besides announcing gigs and Navy service, Matters also keeps busy with his own property management business. He now resides in southern Virginia with his wife Cynthia, who serves as a Naval Nurse, and their two sons Landon and Caleb.

While Matters currently drives a 2006 Saleen Mustang in X275, his drag race beginnings were a bit more humble. “Back in 1995, as a senior in high school, I drove over to MDIR to watch the races in my ‘83 Lincoln Continental. I thought, man, this is cool. I gotta get me something I can race at the track. I went home and told my dad, ‘I wanna sell my Lincoln and I want to get a Mustang.’ So he went out and bought me a ‘79 Mustang with a straight six. That wasn’t what I had in mind. So after my freshman year of college I got rid of that and bought an ‘86 Mustang GT, it was a 5.0L/5 speed, and I started racing it. I went to the track and went in the 15s. Did a little work to the car and went back out and ran a 14.90, and man I thought I was setting the world on fire.”

Later, Matters was afforded a great opportunity when Saleen Automotive decided to start their drag racing program under the SPEEDLAB banner. They picked three drivers, one of which was Matters. “The first race SPEEDLAB ever participated in was at the Fun Ford Weekend Spring Break Shootout in Orlando, in 2007. I won the race, first time out with a new team and their first race ever. So I have a piece of history. I’m the first driver to ever win a race for Saleen SPEEDLAB. I led the points that year up until our fourth event. Then I ended up deploying to Afghanistan and wasn’t able to finish out the year.”

Matters hopes to get back behind the wheel later this year, after upgrades are complete on his car. For now, his focus is learning the PDRA and exciting the fans. “The crowd is there to be entertained,” he stated. “They want to know something about the car, they want to know about the driver. You have to convey to them when something exciting happens, like a record setting run, or a big upset, or a new personal best. And then as a driver I know it’s nice to hear the announcers talk about my car, my sponsors and me as a driver. So I hope to provide something for everyone over the PA.

“I love what I do and I’m extremely passionate about it. I’m very eager to get to know people. I’m looking forward to walking the pits to meet the racers and get to know their cars better.

“If you’re a fan of the PDRA,” he added, “what you need to know about me is you need to bring earplugs, because I get loud and I get excited. I’m going to bring that 150% from the time the first car goes down the track until the last car goes down. I plan on bringing it every single event. It’s an honor to come work with a professional organization and get to travel the road with these professional racers. I hope everybody’s ready for an amazing show.”

Matters also encourages everyone to tune in to the PDRA Live Feed and social media where he and PDRA staff will be active in the chat rooms and posting updates.

“I love fast cars and I love watching cars go down the race track. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a ten second bracket car or a five second Pro Mod. They’re all exciting to me.”

Learn more about Chris Matters at www.fastmovermotorsports.com.


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